New Every Two, Eugene’s Top Web Design Solution

Getting a new website is an investment in your business. And like all investments, there is some up-front cost. For a small business, this up-front cost can be prohibitive.

Enter New Every Two.

For $99/month over two years, GetFound offers world-class hosting and a brand-new web design. What could normally be a tough cost to absorb all at once is turned into a small monthly fee to jump-start your online presence.

At the end of those two years, you can either drop down to a standard hosting package, or re-up your New Every Two and receive a new redesign!

In web design, two years is about the right sweet spot for a website. Some websites do radical redesigns, while others make only tweaks to it. Either way, though: a website that never changes will quickly find itself as antiquated as a typewriter.

Contact us to find out if New Every Two is right for you.