Our Philosophy

Get Found in Eugene, Oregon

At Get Found, we provide a comprehensive website package that includes a modern design approach along with on-page SEO and integration of your social media networks. Our graphic designers and programmers work together as a team to create websites that are beautiful, usable, and browser/search engine friendly. All of our websites are tested for both aesthetic consistency and full functionality. We specially tailor our designs and code, to match the needs of your company.

Eugene Web Design

Small and Big Websites Alike

Whether your project is big or small, we’ve done it all. Check out our design portfolio to see the type of work we’ve done. We can do e-commerce, blogs, Content Management Systems, WordPress, and custom databases. We stay up to date on the latest technology so that we can efficiently create your solution, within your budget, every time.

Honest and Accurate Quotes

We provide fixed rate quotes on all of our websites, and we stick to our price. Once you put down your deposit, there is no worrying about how much the site will cost you. Unlike freelancers, we’ve got the experience to know how long the job will take, before we start it.

You Are Going to Love Your Website

Our websites start off as a client’s dream. After speaking with the client at length, one of our designers will get to work on your site, drafting up different ideas and designs on a digital canvas. We mold these insights into a “mockup” or a series of still images that show the style ideas. These mockups allow the designer and the client to trade ideas and to find the right style, before the real coding takes place.

Easy to Use Design

Looking beautiful isn’t enough – our designs take user experience into account from the start. We’ve been dealing with menu systems, page layout, and data organization for years. We use our experience to help you present your website in a user friendly format.

Search Engine Friendly

What good is a great site if nobody can find it? All of our websites are written for searchability. We study the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) blogs each week to keep up with the latest ways to ensure your site will appear on all the major search engines. Our sites are coded in a way that the search engine bots, or “web spiders” can easily find your site’s content and get it listed.

Most Up to Date Technology

If a new technology is introduced, at least one of our team is learning it. We’re always updated on the latest Web 2.0 technologies and styles like AJAX, CMS, and HTML5. We buy the new laptops and phones and figure out how to use them with our technology. Want your site to be smart phone friendly? We can do that.

Cross Browser Compatibility

All of our websites are fully compatible with the three major web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer (versions 9, 10, 11), and Apple Safari. These browsers make up 95% of the browser market.

Our Services

Eugene Website Design
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